Raised Beds

5 Ways to Build Raised Beds for Free

Raised beds are a great way to get the most out of your gardening efforts. However, they don’t have to be fancy, expensive or complicated. Here are 5 ways to build them for free, or at least really inexpensive.

Raised beds using rock.Rocks make great retaining walls for raised beds. They hold heat well and last almost forever. Stacked and piled rocks are some of the sturdiest borders for raised beds. Collect medium and large rocks from fields, streams, garden soil. People with rocky yards often can’t wait to be rid of them. Just ask.

Urbanite is the irregular chunks left over after concrete demolition. This scrap concrete works great as raised bed walls. It is usually free to anyone who’ll take it away. It also usually has a perfectly flat side that makes it easy to stack. The broken edge has a very natural look.

Straw Bales are an easy way to make a raised bed. They are large, light and regular in size, making them perfect for quickly assembling beds. Once you thoroughly wet them, they are heavy enough to stay in place by themselves. The coolest thing about straw bales is that you can plant directly into them, so they increase your usable area.

Wine Bottles can be used to make attractive and trendy raised beds. They can be inserted neck down into the ground, side by side to retain a bed about 8″ deep. They can also be stacked like cord wood to any make any size raised bed. The air inside the bottles makes great insulation to keep the soil warm, and they look great.

Logs are a quick, simple, sturdy and usually free way to build raised beds. They are available from a variety of sources and most people will give them to anyone who will take them away. They last for a very long time and have a natural, attractive look. Avoid walnut logs, as they may inhibit plant growth.

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